Testing testing….


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Testing, testing…now just have to sit back and let the clay dry.


First batch of paper mache clay


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First step to making the some great paper mache clay…I hope!

Using shredded paper from the office ( a wonderful way to recycle!) I let the paper stew in boiling water.
Then I nuked the “stew” in the microwave for about five minutes and allowed the paper stew to cool down.
Once cooler, popped it all into the blender and blended with flour (I only had self raising in the house…this may turn out be a mistake)
Proportions…well until it felt right!
Threw the whole lot into a big plastic dish and kneaded like bread…its looks smooth and wonderful and cant wait to make something with my clay…
I will add some white glue to the mixture just before I start creating…
This is going to be fun!