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Yip, back from a rather long break. Life just sometimes happens and you end up wondering what the hell happened. Black hole of time…time is just sucked up into some mysterious vortex of confusion. So work happened, lots of it and so many birthdays in winter (in not so sunny SA) so weekends started disappearing at an alarming rate!

BUT…I am still into my art! Not all is lost. Started pottery lessons, well not exactly pottery although I had to make some pots to learn some essential techniques but the aim is to learn how to sculpture which as you may have gathered from my weird paper mache I am rather into. I will post my pics of the fired and glazed bits and pieces (coil pot and slab pot and soap dish) when its all done and dusted.

Back to paper mache…the agony without the ecstasy. Had to paint my “pieces” and thats where it went horribly wrong…painted the “pieces” several times and finally gave up and well, the result is as pictured below…I am not happy buy felt it was time to move on…need to find a style of painting my paper mache that I actually like. I shall persist.

I was also was given, recently, by my dear offspring, lots of bags of gritty clay which is so suspect that my pottery teacher will not fire it in her kiln. So I am now chatting to some African people I work with about simple techniques of firing clay in the fire. Most of the ladies I work with come from the Eastern Cape and they grew up making their own pots with the clay they found in their area..so I reckon they have to be the experts on this subject. They are going help me find someone who knows someone that can teach me all about firing gritty clay in the coals…should be fun – will keep you posted!

So also posted a picture of the first little gritty clay sculpture I did. Yesterday I started my first official sculpture at my pottery lesson (with proper non gritty clay) and so I am now happily creating in this space. Again, having to grasp techniques of working with the clay so my arty piece will not blow up in the kiln…I will be extremely unpopular if it does as when this happens you can ruin all the pots that are being fired.

So, although its been a long while I am still busy making (and hopefully baking without explosions) my mark in the world of art! Roll over Michelangelo, LOL!