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New batch ended in distaster! Did not drain the paper too well and ended up adding far too much flour…the result was a sticky gooey mass of something… definitely not paper mache! So quickly pulped some more paper (and learnt that you do not have to soak and boil paper for hours) and added it to some of the goo…and the day was saved!

Started sanding today and guess what, it really works! Must be fine sandpaper and the result, with patience, is pretty cool.

Finally took out the paint and paintbrushes and started painting some of the dried items. I use acrylics and for anything white, plain old cheap water based wall paint… stronger and much much cheaper than acrylics…also helps seals the dried paper mache.

Also started varnishing an used clear spray paint, nothing special, just the normal cans of spray paints that you find in most shops. This is so much easier and quicker than using all the craft sealers…but those work well too.

So another busy weekend over.